Instant Music was a unique semi-automatic composition sequencer, designed for use by the musically incapable to create sophisticated and original melodies.




The ‘piano roll’ is familiar to users of music software. Dots and dashes are plotted in sequence - left to right in relation to time, down to up in relation to pitch. Instant Music’s twist is to use extra template settings to keep chord patterns in lockstep, which can be disabled at will. Experienced users have more control over the project whilst novices can enjoy ‘doodling’ their beautiful music.


Chords and their patterns, tempo, synth’ voices and octave ranges can be adjusted by menu with no necessary musical knowledge. The computer becomes the virtuoso, interpreting the composition for its performance.


Another of the software’s big attractions is its MIDI compatibility. A compatible MIDI cartridge, for example the Sonus or Passport, can take advantage. MIDI music data instructs keyboard instruments, samplers or computers which notes to play and how. The MIDI plays in realtime with the C64 sound output.  When recorded to a PC, Instant Music template copies can be layered or played in sequence, allowing complex movements to be easily compiled.






Lacking features such as MIDI CC, Instant Music is musical toy. But it does feature ‘Mouse Jam’, which involves playing ‘freestyle’ with the mouse as music plays. Not only can it allow good music to be made by those who feel unable to grasp the art, but also more seasoned musicians can use it to inspire them and provide foundation or embellishment for their own original work. And for more advanced users, the program’s restrictions can be largely ignored as the MIDI data itself can be suitably mastered using other programs.










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(Amiga Note: For MIDI use open I.M. files in Deluxe Music. (It’s downloadable, with many other programs, here.))


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The assumption is made that this program is Abandonware.


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ADDITIONAL TEMPLATES (Amiga only) (click image):



Instant Music discussion thread on Remix 64, plus two Windows programs providing rudimentary instant music.


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